Five ways to give your house kerb appeal

When you’re planning on selling your home, you want your property to appear welcoming and in order before potential buyers have even stepped through the door. Before listing your property for sale and having photographs taken, it’s a good time to address any exterior issues and look at simple ways to spruce up the front of your house. Of course if you have concerns around any major refurbishments that might need doing then discuss these with your agent.

We’ve pulled together a round up of five easy and low budget ways to help your property make a good first impression.


Paint the front door

When was the last time you gave your front door a lick of paint? If you can’t remember or the paintwork is looking a bit tired, then now’s the time to paint the front door a fresh shade. Take a look at your house in line with other properties in the road and choose a shade that will compliment its surroundings. Make sure that the weather is due to stay dry for the next day or so to allow plenty of drying time.

Get floral

An easy way to improve your home’s appearance is to add some flowers. Depending on the style of your property try adding a floral display to brighten up the front of your house. Pop along to your local garden centre for a bit of inspiration. You can add hanging baskets, window boxes or plant topiary trees in pots. These are all easy to take care of and will add a bit of greenery to your property.

Clean the drive

If you have a driveway, path or any paving then get the pressure washer out and give the surface a good clean. It will also help get rid of any moss or weeds that may have started growing.

Tidy up

If you have a lawn, then make sure it is regularly mown and that any plants or hedges aren’t overgrown. It’s good to show how easy the garden is to look after. Regularly check for litter that may have blown in from the street. Also, have a look at the position of your recycling bins and try to keep them neatly tucked away.

The finishing touches


It’s the small things can make the big difference. Use this opportunity to get any little niggles sorted. Check that any outdoor lights are working and that the doorbell is ringing away too. Have a look at your street number and make sure it is clearly visible from the road. Replace your welcome mat if it’s looking a bit worn down and make sure your windows have been cleaned recently.                                                                       tel: 020 8681 7000